This is a page that covers the good, the bad, and the ugly. There are two of us, so be aware, we don’t always agree. (Well, maybe on the important subjects like “Who ate the last f-ing piece of cheesecake?! Or “What do you mean you buried him in the back yard?! You’ve buried him next to Fluffy! I loved Fluffy!” Then there is my personal favorite, “Please. Why can’t we feed him to a great white shark?” No one needs to know.)

Hopefully the good will outweigh the bad. We will cover subjects that will offend you; subjects that make you laugh; subjects that make you cry, and of course my personal favorite – great white sharks. So stick around. We’ve pretty much experienced it all: love, hate, marriage, divorce, birth, life, death. We’re practically gurus. Feel free to worship us. Now where did I put that collection plate?

We will share our thoughts on life, love, peace, war, children, religion, and equality. So be prepared to be offended at times. It’s okay to not agree with us. Like I said, sometimes we are not going to agree with each other, but that’s okay too. We will also share fictional stories… Sometimes you will wonder if they are fiction. Chances are if you stumble up

on a shark during your time here… Well, you decide.


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