If you are an asshole driver you should probably read this…

Have you ever noticed those ” baby on board” signs on cars? If you haven’t, they are little stickers you can put on your vehicle warning other drivers that they should stop driving like assholes because you have a baby in the car.
There are two problems with these. First, the stickers are so small that the person has to already be driving on your bumper to read the warning. People who put tiny bumper stickers and warnings on their cars about not riding their asses are just inviting people to hit them! People are generally curious and want to read your stupid two point font bumper sticker and are willing to ride your bumper and take their attention off the road in order to do so.
Secondly, how about a sign that says “human on board”? I mean, I realise that even I myself am more cautious and wary of stupid drivers when my kids are in the car with me. That said, I don’t have any more of a desire to die in a fiery crash if my kids aren’t with me. Do any of you want to be in an accident just because there was an absence of mini-humans in your car? I don’t see any hands…
Frankly, if you need a tiny warning sticker telling you that there is an infant present in order to recognise that getting to an appointment on time isn’t worth killing someone, maybe you shouldn’t be driving. Asshole.

By sunspot615 Posted in Blogs

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