Because My Va-Jay-Jay Has A Preference… ?

toilet paperWhat a stupid consumer country we live in. Truly. Have you ever noticed the great lengths we go to in order to sell something? Take, for instance, dog food. It comes in cute little bone shapes and triangles, and colours… my dog isn’t going to care what colour or shape it is. Especially considering the garbage (literally) and shit (literally) that they eat. Toilet paper is another great example. I understand quilting it to make it softer… but those cute little designs? Because the only way to leave the bathroom with a sparkling clean bottom is if it has been wiped with paisley print!
And this is for absolutely EVERYTHING! Everything we touch, look at, buy, think about buying, want, think we want, don’t know that we want, or need is decorated and fancied up so we will buy it. The funny thing is that toilet paper is kind of a necessity so chances are we will buy it anyway. What a waste of time..

Speaking of necessities, all of this came to mind while I was opening a pad (sanitary napkin for those of you who prefer to be technical). I haven’t bought a new pack in a long time, seeing as I was pregnant and didn’t really need any,  but my last pack had pads with just a regular green centre and outline of the absorbent areas. The new ones? Let me tell you: they are like pads for celebrities. Blue swirls and curly-cues all over in a delicate pattern. Yes, because heaven forbid I should have a boring old regular pad.. my vagina might refuse to bleed on it! (Hmm.. maybe I am onto something…).

Maybe we should spend less time and money making stupid things seem prettier, and put that extra effort into..oh, I dunno.. feeding hungry children? Taking care of veterans? Affordable housing? Charity? ANYTHING other than making sure my va-jay-jay doesn’t get offended at the lack of décor.


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