I wish that I was Elizabeth Gilbert

Never Put Salt On a Snail.

I wish that I was Elizabeth Gilbert. I would spring from my bed each morning and do ten sun salutations before my feet even hit the floor. I would mediate (levitating) for exactly one hour. After which, I would make my way to the kitchen, where I would enjoy a repast of pizza and cheesecake for breakfast. My morning coffee would be sipped in joyful, silent bliss amongst the fragrant wildflowers in my meadow.

In truth it must be difficult at times to keep up the persona of one who has it all together. (For the record, I’m pretty sure she does!) Unfortunately, even if I had it all together, I’d leave it someplace. I’d be checking under beds. I’d be emptying cupboards. I’d bring in the hounds! In the end I would realize I’d likely thrown it in the trash and have to start all over again. But, I…

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