Measures of Success

 suc| cess:

the accomplishment of an aim or purpose; the attainment of fame, wealth, or social status. 

-a person or thing that has had

 success, as measured by 

attainment of goals, wealth, etc. 

the fact that you are successful 

in your career or profession

especially when you become

 rich, famous, respected etc

The fact that we measure success by wealth, social status, and becoming respected is problematic, for women especially. How often do you hear people say “I love my job. I don’t make any money, I work overtime to pay bills, but really I am successful because I am doing something I love”? People get careers to make money. When you consider that women can get the same jobs as men and work just as hard or harder but get paid less, that attaining positions of power and authority often requires women to choose between work or family, and that even when women are in power positions they are “bitches” rather than respected bosses… at what point do women get to consider themselves successful? When compared to men, women are very seldom successful, and when they are, they are devalued for it. “Oh, can you believe she is forty and doesn’t want children? She is so selfish! What a cold-hearted bitch.


How dare a woman strive to be successful in a man’s world and by a man’s standards!

How about, how dare society rate success based only on male values and standards? Why isn’t a stay at home mom considered successful? How many times have you heard someone say “You know, she stays home with her kids and raises them. She has really made something of herself”? But why not? She does the jobs of at least twenty people at home and makes NOTHING. She has a job she loves, and is creating the future of the country… why isn’t that success?
I shouldn’t have to grow a penis and make millions of dollars to be considered successful.

That “glass ceiling” needs to be broken so women have more access to wealth and status, and maybe we should redefine success to even out the playing field a little bit.. because really, is it success if you win a race that nobody else had a chance to run?


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