Don’t Cross That Bridge Until You Come To It

Don’t cross that bridge until you come to it. I have said this countless times to countless people. It is a code I live by. I don’t see the point in worrying myself sick, or losing sleep over something until I have to. But, what happens if you do get to the bridge? When you’re sitting on the edge, with your feet dangling in the air, what then?

We live in a world with suicide hotlines to help people on the edge, but for many this isn’t enough – and how can it be? Do the people on the hotline pay for the surgery or drugs that a cancer patient needs? Will they pay for the home that is about to go into foreclosure for a family with no work? Will they sit and hold the hand of someone who has lost a child? Unfortunately, the answer is no. So what happens to someone in need? Once they have reached out for help?

I don’t have the answers. I wish I did. We live in very trying times. So many with so much, but so many, many more with so little and no hope or prospects for their future. We need to make changes in this world. We already know that there is enough food, water, clothing for all, unfortunately, too many on this planet are greedy. It’s easy to speak platitudes, but we need real solutions – real hope – real help.

It’s easy for those with money to say money does not buy happiness, while they sit in their ivory castles and fill their bellies each night. Maybe if they came to the real world for a couple days, they would see that for some a full stomach, a roof over their heads, and a warm, safe bed is indeed happiness.

So the next time someone poo poos me when I say I’d marry the fifty million dollar man, they need to remember who they are talking to – this isn’t the hotline – this is someone who would actually make a difference.


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