Population Control

Throughout my schooling, specifically in sociology and anthropology classes, the topic of population control has come up in many different forms. Generally, the idea is that there are too many damn people on the planet and something should be done. The consensus is, however, that you cannot really do much of anything without infringing on the rights of individuals to decide what they do with their own reproductive parts.
I have developed a solution. It doesn’t involve sterilizing men (though, honestly, I don’t see why countries with population control policies don’t do that simple snip rather than put women through a major surgery that takes up more time and money… just thinking out loud here…) and it doesn’t involve forced birth control, sterilization of women, scare tactics, or anything else. 
My proposal is this. Instead of trying to figure out how to control sex and sex organs, which has proven to be damn near impossible, control the BRAIN. I am not talking about brainwashing, or some hokey crap like that. But if researchers could come up with a way to make women remember how sick, tired, and absolutely disgusting the first few months of pregnancy were, along with how painful delivery was (speaking from the experience of not having an epidural… of course, I don’t remember how painful it was but I just watched a friend go through it and it brought back a feeling of dread because I know it must have been unpleasant at least) many women, I dare to say most, wouldn’t have more than one child.
Don’t get me wrong, I am glad I have my second one on the way… but I will be honest, I completely forgot this entire being sick bit… I hate it. I am never doing this to myself again. There. Population control solved. Next worldly problem please?


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