I wish that I was Elizabeth Gilbert

109MalaBeadsEatPrayLoveI wish that I was Elizabeth Gilbert. I would spring from my bed each morning and do ten sun salutations before my feet even hit the floor. I would mediate (levitating) for exactly one hour. After which, I would make my way to the kitchen, where I would enjoy a repast of pizza and cheesecake for breakfast. My morning coffee would be sipped in joyful, silent bliss amongst the fragrant wildflowers in my meadow.

In truth it must be difficult at times to keep up the persona of one who has it all together. (For the record, I’m pretty sure she does!) Unfortunately, even if I had it all together, I’d leave it someplace. I’d be checking under beds. I’d be emptying cupboards. I’d bring in the hounds! In the end I would realize I’d likely thrown it in the trash and have to start all over again. But, I digress. I do that… a lot. So, Elizabeth Gilbert, must have her days when she pulls the covers over her head and just yells at the world to back the F off and let her have some f-ing space! It has to be very tiring being so together. Now I realize that some people will think I’m picking on the lovely Elizabeth. Think again. I’ve read her books. I think she is wonderful. Why else would I want to be her? I’ve even ‘liked’ her on facebook for crying out loud!

Oh why can’t be I be Elizabeth Gilbert? Why must I fall out of bed every morning, scrape myself off the floor, and stumble blindly down the stairs in search of coffee.. but wait, first I must let out the dogs, feed the cat, let the dogs back in and feed them. Then, and only then can I have my turn to pee! Romantic isn’t it? Oh sure, I’ll eat the pizza and cheesecake for breakfast ( it is, after all, the breakfast of champions), but where are my wildflowers? Where is my silent bliss? Where is my passionate, romantic, Brazilian husband?! Okay, let’s not get carried away. I’m sure Felipe is a wonderful husband, but that is the one part of her life I’m okay doing without. No Felipe, no husband for me, thank you very much. The rest of her life, I’m down for.




4 comments on “I wish that I was Elizabeth Gilbert

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    • As do I! Although, I have to say, that at this moment in time – I am Elizabeth Gilbert! I just may be levitating! Elizabeth Gilbert read my blog! Life, you are more than good. Thank you, Elizabeth, I hope one day we will both be Elizabeth Gilbert.

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